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Welcome Gentlemen!

Thank you for joining the premier #1 social networking website specifically designed for you, and Swingers Seeking Gentlemen ! Ever wonder why single guys are not always invited to Lifestyle events? Well now, as a Platinum member of SSGSelect you are not only welcome, you will be sought after!

Anywhere and everywhere SSGSelect.com has been invited to represent, or host playrooms whether it is for travel, resort and hotel takeovers, cruises, house parties, clubs, or meet and greets …You’ll be invited too !

The desire for single guys in the lifestyle is escalating and we are the #1 first and only go-to-source for swingers seeking single gentlemen as well as providing a public platform for single gentlemen experienced in The Lifestyle.

If you are interested in expanding your reach and reputation by promoting yourself, and/or your group affiliations on this new platform, we would like to invite you to upgrade your presence on SSGSelect.com by becoming a platinum member.

Platinum Member Privileges:

  1. Only A Platinum Member/ Group leader has the opportunity to be seen by all (single male, female and couple) members via our Featured Platinum Members/ and Groups pages.
  2. Platinum members are featured in the“spotlight” column on the homepage and receive a badge on their profile to designate them from general members. Single women and couples will be able to search specifically for platinum members.
  3. Only Platinum Members can create a group profile page and become event coordinators of that page.
  4. Get promoted ! Be seen and expand your reach and reputation (with your permission of coarse) throughout our media communications and promotions.
  5. Receive FREE“Swingers Seeking Gentlemen”promotional products for example: t-shirt with logo/or keychain/or Business Cards and co-operative advertising at events with branded SSGSelect banners.
  6. Primary access to SSGSelect.com invitation only requests to attend events, travel, and private parties.
  7. Access to Lifestyle etiquette and personal enhancement workshops.

Platinum Member Characteristics...
You are known for your charisma, warmth, and charm. You take pride in your appearance, intelligence, and sense of humor. Platinum members are attentive, respectful and protective of their companions privacy at all times.

You enjoy being part of the Lifestyle and for that reason you are always respectful of the people, places, expectations and experiences of discerning single women, couples and event hosts.
You play drama free and go out of your way to ensure that all parties involved feel at ease, welcomed, wanted and engaged. You encourage healthy playful fun with absolutely no fees or strings attached.

**All playdates, event attendance and/or pleasurable connections made between members on SSGSelect are purely for personal and mutual consent between adults. SSGSelect.com and Swingers Seeking Gentlemen does not take responsibility nor accept any accountability in the outcomes of your playdate experiences, and activities in this regard. All single gentlemen registered on SSGSelect.com are here like any other dating website - to make pleasurable connections with like minded, passion driven consenting adults. You will not engage in any discussions of monetary exchange for sexual services.

Confidence without Arrogance is one of the most highly valued virtues of Platinum single gentleman. The most popular gentlemen are socially savvy and emotionally mature with a genuine passion, respect and appreciation for women and couples. 

Become A Group Leader:

NOW you can expand your reach and your reputation by promoting your group events on SSGSelect Group pages. As a platinum member you will receive a badge on your personal profile page which will distinguish you as being in a class of your own for discerning single women and couples! Maybe you already have an established following, or a group of single gentlemen you like working with. Ask them to join SSGSelect and you can add them to your group profile page. As a group leader you will be given event coordinator privileges on SSGSelect.com. Here on your own group profile page you can post photos (of you, your parties and your members) as well as post your group logo, or event banners.

Looking for more guys to join your group? Since guys cannot see other guys on our site, be sure to get registered on SSGSelect.com as a Platinum Member. We will spotlight Platinum Members on public pages that can be seen by all men, women and couples. Also you can become a group leader. Here you will get your own group profile page to promote and publish details. In your group profile be sure to let women and couples know more about your events. But this is also a good place (in the bio box) to let other single gentlemen registered on SSGSelect.com know where they can get in touch with you off the site to exchange photos and other pertinent information you might want before approving them to join your group.

Group Leader/ Event Coordinator Benefits:
  • Platinum Group Leaders are able to post and manage their events on our group page. Platinum members may request to create a group by filling out a form which is approved by admin. Once approved, the group name appears on that Platinum Members profile, also the Platinum Members profile appears on the group page. Members can join groups by becoming friends with the group leader. Since men can only see other couples & single women. You will need to include contact information in your Bio where single gentlemen can contact you for details and approval to join your SSGSelect group of single gentlemen.
  • Groups will receive a 1-5 star rating based on total member feedback that will be displayed on their group profile page. Top 5 groups will be spotlighted on home page.
  • You will have the ability to send invitations to select friends, and SSG members.

Please Note: As a platinum member,you must be 21 years of age or older. Be a registered member of SSGSelect.com and have your profile set up with at least one quality or professional main profile photo uploaded/ and a completed bio. Complete the application at the link above.
If you have any further questions you may send a friend request to info@ssgselect.com with your username and email. We will check out your profile and get back with you as soon as possible.


Sponsors and Hosts

Are you interested in driving pleasure to your playrooms, hotel takeovers and cruises? How about spicing up your events, private parties, or meet & greets with sexy single gentlemen? Perhaps you're looking for travel companions? Maybe you just need a few good men for your photo and video shoots? Be sure to inquire about our SSGSelect Platinum members! Email: info@ssgselect.com

Women and Couples

Are you seeking consensual pleasurable connections with quality gentlemen? That's right. Whether you are seeking one on one connection, playing with multiples, or simply someone to explore the lifestyle with attending private parties, hotel & cruise takeovers, club meet & greets, adult only resorts, travel and beyond, SSGSelect has got you covered... Anytime and Anywhere!